About us

Imperial Holding was founded in 1993 and is the leader in importing bananas from Latin America to Ukraine.

This is an international group of companies that has representative offices in 15 regions of Ukraine, Ecuador, Colombia, Costa Rica and Mexico. It is this importer that sets a high standard of quality, to which the Ukrainian consumer is already so used.

CG “Imperial” has an extensive network of logistics centers, the largest of which are located in Kiev and Odessa. 

Here is the most modern fleet of trucks and refrigerators.
Employees of the company represent Ukraine at the largest international exhibitions. To improve the level of qualification, the staff regularly receives training, including abroad. All this guarantees a high level of service provided by CG Imperial.

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Our Addresses

Office in Kiev

str. Simona Petlyura, 28

Office in Odessa

str. Dalnitskaya, 17

Our phones

Head of Commercial Department
Galina Peretyataya
+38 (067) 465-28-32
Head of Human Resources
Julia Bozhko
+38 (067) 659-50-34
Director of the Odessa branch </ strong>
Yevgeny Katanchik </ strong>
+38 (067) 654-50-37 </ strong> </ h5>

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